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I had never watched Video Art, but the stuff I’m watching on PerformVu is just so cool! I hosted a Pizza night with my friends and everyone loved having PerformVu videos on in the background. It’s honestly freeing to enjoy art at home!

Mika Tomizawa, College Student

I used to spend hours scouring the internet for quality video art & artists for inspiration- that time is over! With PerfomVu, my search is streamlined and curated in a perfect way that allows me to really focus on what matters... the work!

Dylan Mekhi, Fashion Designer

I love sitting on the couch with my partner on weekends with a good bottle of wine and some great video art on the TV from PerformVu. No more arguing over what to watch... PerformVu is much more exciting, inspiring and just different!

Tom Greis, New Yorker


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PerformVu FAQ Section
What is PerformVu?
In a world craving impactful content, PerformVu makes it possible to watch video art from the world's leading artists & art museums from the comfort of your home.

We showcase a collection of content audiences can't find elsewhere & provide direct compensation to the content owners.
What does the membership include?
For just $4.99 a month, you get full access to watch & explore all videos and artists on PerformVu. It’s that simple. We'll even offer you a 25% discount if you go for the annual plan.

Start your 7-day free trial today!
I’ve not watched this before, where do I start?
Dive in anywhere you like! We suggest starting Speed Play experience to get straight to watching our curated collection.

If you want extra guidance, ask our AI curator, Ghost, anything... an emotion you want to feel or a topic you want to explore & Ghost will give you tailored conversational recommendations!
Is there a mobile or TV app?
We are currently building one! For now, you can access PerformVu on your mobile browser (e.g. Safari or Chrome) & enjoy an app-like experience!

To elevate your experience further, we recommend casting any video playing on your laptop/phone to your smart TV - it's very easily and unlocks a more immersive experience! see instruction here.
How are videos & artists curated?
Our curatorial approach is community-led, involving artists, our team, and key figures in the arts community to review video works. We select pieces that move, challenge and engage audiences.

For artists looking to showcase their work on PerformVu, we’d love to hear from you. Complete our Artist Submission Form here.
How does PerformVu fund artists?
The growth of PerformVu directly translates to increased artist compensation!

Artists on our platform benefit from direct tips, a share of subscriptions, and a dedicated production fund we are carving out.

Our ultimate goal? To offer our artists a steady income without hassle, enabling them to concentrate on their true passion: creating.
How can I partner with PerformVu?
Whether you're an arts organization, museum, brand, curator, gallery, or another entity seeking collaboration, we'd love to connect with you!

Please reach out to our Founder, Indy Sanders, to set up a quick discussion:
Do you provide university access?
We provide tailored university packages of various shapes and sizes.

Please reach out to our Founder, Indy Sanders, to set up a quick discussion: